How Can Health and Well-being be Maintained in a Hybrid Work Environment?

The lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a shift in the labour market and expectations of business. Previous assumptions about a return to pre-pandemic ways of working have been largely replaced by a hybrid model and higher-than-usual rates of attrition. With employees seeking better pay, benefits, and career advancement opportunities[1], or ‘quietly quitting[2]’ to protect their work-life balance, companies need to take a more holistic approach to address the human needs of the workforce.


HURIS, Inc., one of the top organizational development and business solutions consulting firms in the Philippines, and the KPI Institute, based in Melbourne, Australia finalized their partnership in September 2020. This makes HURIS the Institute’s sole partner in the country. HURIS now offers their various training and certification courses, as well as its research and publications.

Turning Swords Into Plowshares: Business Lessons From Boelcke’s Dictum

In his article TURNING SWORDS INTO PLOWSHARES: BUSINESS LESSONS FROM BOELCKE’S DICTUM, HURIS consultant, Albert Entao analyzes the tactics of Oswald Boelcke, one of history’s greatest pilots and tacticians, and shows us how Boelke’s eight dicta can be applied to the business world. Albert connects how concepts born out of war can be used to produce positive business results — capturing markets, competing with rivals, and leading teams towards reaching their objectives.


Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a sentiment of waiting for ‘the new normal’: a changed world that will unfold around us and redefine the way we do things. Now over a year on from the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s clear that the shifts made almost overnight in response to the global crisis are largely here to stay.